I’m working on a variety of topics related to environmental, natural resource, bioenergy and agricultural economics. My current research focus is on water economics, desalination, biofuels, sustainable resource management, and geospatial and spatio-temporal analysis.

My research has taken me to 30+ countries around the world. My research affiliations before joining University of Oklahoma were University of California at Berkeley and University of Texas at Austin. Please check my publications and the photo gallery to view my research projects and field research studies in California and Texas.

Interactive map of countries I visited for my research (or link to Google Earth).

My previous and current research topics include:
–   Economic value of water
–   Sustainable water management
–   Value of environmental weather monitoring
–   Desalination as a prospective water supply technology – economic, environmental and social aspects
–   Economic and environmental aspects of food waste
–   Economic analysis of tornado shelters in Oklahoma
–   Socio-economic impacts of drought in the US
–   Optimizing biofuels feedstocks and biofuels production in the US
–   Prospective technologies and market innovations for ethanol and biodiesel production in the US
–   Economics of advanced biofuels feedstocks
–   Policy mechanisms for conventional and advanced biofuels
–   Environmental implications of biofuels
–   Decision-making support approaches for biofuels and environmental policies
–   Renewable energy in the US and Europe
–   Sustainability and environmental indicators for evaluating energy, transportation and crude oil markets
–   Evaluating sustainability and economic competitiveness in the EU countries
–   Eco-innovations
–   Climate and impacts on the agricultural sector
–   Common Agricultural Policy of the EU and food security
–   Structural policy evaluation - Comparative static and dynamic analysis for the EU and US
–   Implications of national price policies on global crop markets
–   Optimizing agro-environmental policy measures in Europe